Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update: Nov. 2011

  I continue to hear from photographers who are angry at Blue for mostly lack of communication.  I never have received any refund of what they took from me.  I was just recently notified by a former student of mine that she has been on a letter writing, e-mail, and phone campaign to get them to respond to her with ..., you guessed it, no response.

 I can also appreciate that many shooters have paid them, and received good service but you have to ask yourself the question:  Why get in bed with someone that has a proven track record of terrible communication, aggressive behavior towards unhappy clients, and a long list of photographers that have been ripped off through the years.

  For those seeking to find a new home for your photography websites, let the buyer beware.  These people are not your silent partner on the internet that you hope for.  I'll admit you have a good chance of having no issues but God help you if you do.  Ask yourself if it's really worth the money to risk it...  And last, the economy is bad enough for those of us trying to make a living shooting pictures without supporting a company that is clearly predatory in nature towards our craft.   - pat

Thursday, August 5, 2010

another one bites the dust...

just heard from yet another photographer that got taken for $650 and no response has ever been given to him. I'm hoping he will post his own experiences here for you all to see... patrick

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

yet another Sports Shooter member screwed by Bluedomain...

here is only my response to a respected photographer in the sports shooter community that sent me a horrible e-mail today expressing his disgust about how he has been mistreated by Blue. The saga continues where they treat most of their customers OK but God help you of you are one of us:

"all I can say is, WOW!!! I will honor your wishes and not post this to the blog I created but I hope you do what I did and lodge a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Denver about Blue. I am so sorry for your loss of business, and that you had to deal with that crazy woman who owns the site... She is rude, spiteful, angry, and did I mention, crazy? Notice how I don't even bother with un-professional...


Saturday, January 17, 2009

example of how blu deals with upset customers...

I think their "F" rating with the denver BBB is working. While many have been pleased with their product, when things don't go well, this company seems to turn on many of us who have already paid them. Our constant persistance asking for help turns to frustration on our part. Then, someone at Blu decides to first not respond at all, and then when we go outside to tell other photographers about our issues, they threaten vague law suits with improper grammar and poor diction.

All I want is my money back for the additional $200 site I never received. They have ceased all communications with me and are ignoring me

(note the poor grammar usage in the last sentence ("You are really need to seek help.") Must be a crack legal team that allowed their client to send threats out by e-mail. Shouldn't that have been done by registered letter by a law firm representing Blu? Inquiring minds want to know...

Here is a recent e-mail response from Blu to yet another photographer who is looking for a problem to be resolved and her money back:

From: bludomain [mailto:info@bludomain.com]
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 10:23 AM
To: Edit1Media

You now have a harassment filing in the court of Colorado along with a
few in other states. Famous photographers are growing weary of you
posting on their BLOGS harrassing them. Good luck.

Anything with our name in it - is being traced and so far you are the
IP behind the trace.

Fake names, fake phone numbers and fake emails. Luckily we can trace
you everytime.

The courts will deal with you now along with our legal team. WE do
not care about cost, if we have to make an example out of you we will
do it.

You are really need to seek help.


Do not email us back it will go against the filing we have now
instated against you and your business.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blu Ripped Me Off...

My name is Patrick Murphy-Racey. I am a commercial photographer in Knoxville, Tennessee and I have had a long history of problems with Blu Domain, operating out of the Denver, Colorado area. They admittedly have many satisfied customers and some cool designs but a large group of people making a living as shooters have been taken advantage by them, their lack of timely contact, never resolving problems, and in my case, accepting $300 for a website that I never got. My story is one of many so it is my hope that you will share your story with me and others so that we can explore together a class action law suit. Initally, all we need is to know who we are so we can band together, see a larger picture of their abuse, and then sue Blu for our money back and for punitive damages. I know I'm not the only one that has lost business because of their lack of competence. I'm done sending e-mails to Blu, writing letters to Blu, responding to numerous e-mails from others in my same situation, trying to call a human being at Blu, and simply being ignored. So, if you've been ripped off too, tell the rest of us your story and let's see where it all goes. I've got a great lawyer in Denver waiting for your comments so don't be afraid, take a few minutes and tell us what happened, and if you ever got it resolved. Sincerely, Patrick :)

PS. All you do is click on "Comments" immediately following this note, and let her rip!